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Anyone considering a real career in international trade should learn how to recognize and weed out the joker brokers; otherwise they will literally eat all your time and energy. It is surprising how much nonsense documentation is in circulation out there in the world of commodity trading. The documents are mostly created as a result of desperate traders trying to “seal the deal”. Also sometimes useless documentation arises from traders with experience in one commodity trying to trade a new commodity without learning the protocols used with that particular commodity.

Every industry has their own standards, and different countries have different rules which govern trading in their jurisdiction. Traders, Agents, Intermediaries, Brokers, Buyers, Sellers, and whatever other term they identify themselves under – all need to educate themselves on the proper and legal procedures for their industry and location.

Sow resuming all what was said up we can get the conclusion to do not enter in any relation with trader or brokers. Really this not true at all as you can’t be everywhere and know all seller or buyer. there’s real professional that know their job very well .they know how to start and where to go.
Looser buyers or time waster as I name them they spend a lot s of time seeking for products with non real price or origin .after long time waste they end with big lost of resources. Who is to blame for this? Traders, Yes for sure traders but not the buyer greed.

Greedy buyer will face this problem till they admit that spending some fund to hire workers or professional trader is the best solution. We all forget that time is money; more you waste the less you gain.
Today we admit that in the internet we face a big problem ,all are trader and professional .all are offering product and every one said :I have the good source and the right deal.
From our experience professional trader didn’t agree to work in any filed and products if this is not his real specialization. if you face a trader in the internet that offer food , clothes and near this oil products ,be ready to run as fast as you can away at this trader .

From our view you must go for agent that work specially and only with products that you are looking for.
For example when I get my used car from Germany I get 2 option seek for the car in the internet and ask some friend to go and examine the car or travel by myself the 2nd option is ask professional trader to found me the car that I m looking for with my criteria and needs .

I opt for the 2nd as I know that I will pay for good result that save me time and money in the same time.
I m happy for the result as the company that I entered in contract with,found for me a very nice car with lower price and near this they do all paper work in very short time .this is a very little example how to save time and money with some spend that can’t affect your budget.

You will ask me how we can found Such Company or trader. Now come in your help internet .today we can found a lots of review and comment from real person and company that used this service or company offers.
Dear buyer you must admit that if you have no contract or legal document that fix your obligation regarding the agent (trader) and from the other side too regarding you as buyer, you must be ready to get any result but frequently big lost. Lack of responsibility how I name this.
Each party must be responsible of what they offer and ask for, juridique documentation and support must exist, this is the key of any success.

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