Bank Capability Letter (BLC) Sample


Our reference: (enter title, order numbers or other references)
Date: (enter date)
To: End supplier company, Via International Group for Advanced Solurions

Name of the Bank: (replace with bank name)
Address of the Bank: (replace with bank address)
Swift: (enter swift code)

Bank Phone Number: (replace with bank phone number)
Bank Fax Number: (replace with bank fax#)

Subject: Bank Capability Letter for the purchase of (enter commodity)

We are informed that our client, (name of client / buyer) with account at our
bank (enter account number) would like to purchase (quantity in MT/month) of
(commodity) at a price of (price / metric tons in US$) /MT. CIF (destination
port) and this for a total contract amount of (total contract amount in US$)
and a total quantity of (total contract quantity in metric tons).

We understand that payment is by (enter term of payment agreed, as per our

This Bank Capability Letter is to inform that the buyer has the capacity to issue
such a letter of credit subject to bank formalities.

Thank you for your attention.

(Name of Bank signed and sealed by the Bank Officer)

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