Can anyone name them self trader; we think no if we focus on this from the professional side. In our days internet has made our life better in some aspects’ but gave us a lot of new problems. Now anyone with an Internet connection can call themselves a broker and start trading. This is the main problem that face professional (trader, sellers, buyers and investors). Buyers, sellers and brokers all share a common enemy: the scammer.

From years to years scammers has improved their technique and become more ubiquitous. preying on the strong and the weak alike, and making off with billions of dollars of honest people’s money.

We v see a lots of articles and post in the internet in wish sellers/buyers blame internet traders in their financing lost and fails. The picture is quite the opposite, they forget about their own greed. At first we must admit that scammer’s arsenal is the victim’s own sense of greed.

Yes seller/buyer greed is the main problem and as result we have a big fail and money lost, we explain this earlier in our post scammer’s arsenal is the victim’s own sense of greed. Seeking for lowest price and better financing opportunity you can risk meeting one of most cunning and self-serving scammer.

Hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet, registering sites for mere dollars at a time and creating convincing fronts for businesses which never existed, these scammers mean that the term ‘world wide web’ has never been more accurate. Like a literal web, unwary traders become tangled in seductive threads of lies and are bled dry by the more skillful predators.

We love to blame everyone but never our self, never our non-professional approach. Running for the best opportunity we lose our mind and reason. We forget that theirs simple rules that we must follow.

For each products and sector experts have developed a non disputable procedure that must be executed point by point to get the goal, in less you will face that big fail.
From our side we recommend seller and buyer to use professional trading company service. This can save time and money. In our post must i trust trading company and traders we clarified this point and the main reason to go for this business agreement.

You can see also see our post The Fraud Form Number One .we hope that we helped and clarified some point, if you need more details and help from our side you are welcome to comment and contact us

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