Customs clearance exports procedure in Ukraine


How to arrange goods export: procedure main stages.

If you want to export goods, you will have to face many nuances. But there are only three main stages:

The first is the provision of documents to the customs authorities, on the basis of which the desired goods can be taken without problems outside Ukraine.

The second involves the payment of fees and export taxes with the registration of all necessary documentation. Moreover, the size of duties imposed on exports from Ukraine is lower than on imports.

The third is strict compliance with the requirements of the law in the process of exporting cargo.

If you delve into the details, then the export procedure is cluttered with details. In particular, it all starts with an oral statement about the desire to file a customs declaration and export the goods. After that, it is important to get accreditation from customs post. regardless of the status of the customer – a similar procedure is provided for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities wishing to carry out export operations. When the accreditation is completed, you can proceed to the preparation of the necessary documents. Exporting Specialists will help to carry out all the procedures and draw up documentation on customs clearance as quickly as possible, and most importantly – legally exactly in accordance with the law!


What documents are required for export?

 The list of papers required at the customs of Ukraine is similar to the importing goods list. So, the exporter needs to prepare:

  • registration card (regional card), issued during the accreditation at the customs;
  •  ready foreign economic contract;
  • a certificate (DID) on the absence of currency values ​​for the last quarter;
  • CMR forms – are submitted depending on the type of transport used, for example, air, rail, road, and postal invoices;
  • specification that is prepared for a specific delivery;
  • invoice, which indicates the country of manufacture of the goods, the terms of the contract and delivery;
  • if available, the price negotiation protocol;
  • Sometimes documents are required confirming the cost of transport to the border of Ukraine;
  • full data carrier, including code EDRPOU, phone number and address;
  • data of the driver, and also the registration certificate on the car and the trailer if transportation by the motor transport is supposed;
  • documents confirming the legality of the purchase of goods in Ukraine, including the tax invoice;
  • payment orders, receipt invoices;
  • All papers related to goods exported from Ukraine are passports, quality certificates, technical descriptions, drawings, etc.
  • the manufacturer-exporter will be required to provide a cost estimate for production;
  • in the case of production in Ukraine, a certificate of origin of goods CT-1 is also needed; if the goods are resold, then an agreement on the purchase of things in the country is required
  • packing list;
  • if it is intended to be transported under customs security, then a corresponding certificate is required;
  • Available CARNET TIR, i.e. TIR Carnet.

For some categories of goods, it will be necessary to collect additional papers and certificate, for example, phytosanitary, ecological, sanitary-epidemiological, radiological, veterinary controls. For more accurate information, you should find out the classification code of the goods exported from Ukraine according to the Ukrainian classifier of goods of foreign economic activity. It is also important to prepare copies of documents, necessarily certified by the seal of the company.

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