scammer’s arsenal is the victim’s own sense of greed


Our skill, experience and knowledge are the main scammer’s arsenal. We are responsible for any loss of our money .most of you will blame me operating on the honest game that must be in businesses. I m so sorry there’s no honest game at all, business is not an honest game from start .someone try to get cheaper products and sell with good margin rate to get benefit .world practice show that being in busies mean offering better products with lower cost to compete and be one of the market leader, if not, you will lose and fail. Being well skilled in your field that what makes you win and avoid to be scammed.
Monopolization is one of non-honest business game, big company tray to swallow small one to remove any form and possibility of competition. At this point, we accept that busies is somehow a dirty game with some rules and lows, but all this have no comparison with the human greed. Greediness is the first enemy of any trader and investor.
As we said up the main tool in the scammer’s arsenal is the victim’s own sense of greed. Every year, thousands of people lose millions of dollars chasing after ‘dream deals’. Scammers offer products at less than half their market value, explaining away the suspicions of the trader by claiming that the goods available because of seasonal excess, or because the original buyer fell through. No matter what a ‘trader’ tells you, remember that it is called a market value for a reason – that’s what a commodity is worth on the open market. Nobody in their right mind would sell anything for substantially less than the current going rate, and this is especially true in the world of international commodity trading. A private seller may discount a car or house because they need a quick sale, a reputable broker with access to the open market does not need to discount their product by large percentages, ever.
Advising against purchasing goods which are being sold for a fraction of their value seems so obvious as to be entirely redundant, but a large number of traders are suckered into scams this way because their greed takes over, and they trust the scammer because unlike them, he has done his homework and knows exactly what buttons to press, and they put their money, or perhaps worse, their client’s money on the line, and lose the lot. This can be a career-ending mistake. Don’t make it.
We resume all this by a simple advice that works in any field and deal. Before entering in any deal take your time to be more skilled and collect much more information. Use some professional help from a known organization and professional traders. Never try to save some miserable sums (professional trader commission) that have no impact on your benefit .remember your money lost will be more disastrous if you are scammed.

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