Traders false sense of urgency


One of the oldest sales tricks in the book is creating a false sense of urgency. The victim of a scam is whipped up into a frenzy by the scammer’s talk of limited time offers, high demand commodities, special invitations, and other such verbal traps which make the victim believe that not only is this the best deal they will ever get, they must take it now, now, now!
As a trader, you already know the value of being cool and calculating when it comes to business. Hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars are often at stake, which is far too much money on the line for the trader to be making decisions based on emotion. If a potential partner tries these cheap tricks on you, it may be time to walk away, even if the deal is not a scam, this is not the way reputable traders do business. The global market is not a second hand car yard, and you don’t want to be dealing with people who use that sort of approach.

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