spurious mining EtherZero .can this be true?


On the 20th, the long-awaited foreplay of the Etherium network took place with the advent of the Ether Zero crypto currency . after 3 days the mining began. The instruction on obtaining new coins was given . the features of this currency production was the traditional minig – on video cards.

in some site we just see this news below.this was a waited one as there was no confirmation of the fork from Vitalik Buterin and no comment.

“Just got new information about EtherZero. The project is developing strangely, there is still no source code, but the coins are charged. Including for mining.”

“And now we have accidentally found out that the hash of the recently launched etherzero pooling is strikingly similar to the hashrate of one of the miners in the ethereum network. And the miner appeared at the same time as the minig pool.”

It turns out that the pool uses power for its own purposes (ether mining), and charges anyone who does not need etz, which can not be sold anywhere.this what can be concluded at this time awaiting explication from the etherzero team.

EtherZeto pool and power:
EtherZeto pool and power

Miner Ethereum:
to see The statistics and power of this miner you can go to etherchain and search by address.

all info are verified by helpintrade team .we can not confirm what was said up and in the same time we cannot decline this strange coincidence.
we hope that this can be only coincidence as its painful for many miner that believed on this and waisted time and resources on this coin.

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