Stowage Supervision Certificate


A loading /stowage supervision certificate is offered by SGS, and covers the following elements of loading:

• A thorough check of the overall appearance of the cargo and any packaging.
• Verification that all products are being loaded by checking the number and size of containers against the contract.
• Ensuring that proper handling procedures are followed during loading.
• Ensuring that the transport medium is clean and sanitary.
• Ensuring that the shipment is adequately stowed and secured, and that it is protected from the elements.

The loading/stowage certificate provides the buyer with peace of mind that not only products in good condition when it left the mill or warehouse, but that it was handled properly prior to shipping. It is also important from the seller’s perspective that a loading/stowage certificate be obtained as it is additional proof in case of mishap in transit that all due care was taken to ensure successful delivery to the buyer.

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